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About Taiknots

Canadian artist Rachel Norman produces exotic jewellery which creatively combines the art of Chinese knotting with her use of semi-precious stones.

Norman, a self-taught jewellery-artist, learned the ancient techniques of Chinese knotting by reading Chinese instructional books on jewellery making. In 2000, she found her inspiration in the markets and local shops of Taiwan where she stumbled upon striking pieces of Asian jewellery crafted by knotting soft nylon fiber and semi-precious stones.

The concept appealed Norman, both artistically and from a health perspective. "In the past I've experienced skin irritation from metal jewellery. Finally, gorgeous pieces made without gold or silver."

Based near Ottawa, Canada, Norman launched Tai Knots in 2002, featuring exotic styles of beaded necklaces, bracelets and earrings. "I love to express myself through jewellery. It's exciting to combine the energies and associations of different stones to create beauty and meaning."

"Every piece that I create has power beyond its unique appearance. My jewellery not only enhances appearance, but exudes warmth and positive energy that is felt, but hard to explain. I'm incredibly motivated: not only by my ability to create beauty but also by how my jewellery positively enhances people's energies and lives."

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"I love Tai Knots jewellery! I'm very particular about my wardrobe and believe that if you are going to be a professional in this world, you need to not only act the part, but look the part. I find that Tai Knots jewellery adds a wonderful level of class to my wardrobe and I wear my jewellery with pride. All of Rachel's products are quality, beautiful and durable. I highly recommend her and her masterpieces."
- Peggy McColl, New York Times best-selling author of "Your Destiny Switch"


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